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This site offers a selection of strap-on porn, specifically focusing on male-female strapon sex, also known as pegging. It also features sex advice, DVD and adult toy suggestions and more.

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What is Pegging?

Over 12,000 votes were counted, with popular suggestions being "BOBbing" (as in Bend Over Boyfriend) and "punting." "Pegging" was based on the word for a device that can hold an over-used anus closed, although it does have connotations of "square peg in a round hole." Some voters expressed approval that the term was meant for heterosexuals, as it removed the "gay" stigma surrounding male anal play. Dan Savage's original column is here.

Men who enjoy pegging are able to obtain pleasure through the stimulation of their anus and prostate by the dildo. They may also enjoy the taboo aspect of the act. For some being penetrated is about dominance and submission, and being the receptive partner. Male-female strapon sex is often employed in BDSM femdom situations where the woman is the dominant partner.

Some women have said that pegging is a form of equality in the bedroom. If anal sex is considered to be an option for a woman then it is reasonable that a man should also "bend over."

Pegging is becoming a popular act in porn. An ever-growing series of DVDs called Babes Ballin Boys has sold well and mainstream porn actors are starting to consider whether it's an act they're willing to perform.

NEW Pegging Porn Movie!

Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Pegging (2012)

Expert Guide To Female Orgasms The blurb: Are you ready to take anal pleasure to the next level? Tristan Taormino, renowned anal sex expert and author of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women, gives her master class on all things anal for both women and men. Then watch and learn as fantastic couples share their advice and demonstrate techniques, positions, and tricks to help you take your anal sex life and kick it up a notch.

You'll learn about:

  • the hottest ass toys from wooden butt plugs to stainless steel dildos
  • tips for wearing a butt plug for an extended period of time
  • butt plug bondage
  • advanced anal sex positions
  • G-spot and P-spot orgasms
  • male anal pleasure and strap-on sex
Whether you have mastered the basics or you're simply curious about what comes next, this movie will teach you specific techniques, inspire you to try new kinds of anal pleasure, and help make your anal sex life simply amazing.

Starring: Christian XXX, Dylan Ryan, Jada Fire, Jiz Lee, Mickey Mod, Wolf Hudson

Available From
Ms Naughty: DVD
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Good Vibrations: DVD or Download

Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Anal Pleasure For Men (2009)

The blurb: Welcome to the world of anal pleasure for men! Anal sex expert Tristan Taormino busts myths and challenges stereotypes about male sexuality as she sheds light on one of the most important erogenous zones for men.

Let her guide you step by step as she teaches an informative workshop packed with tips and techniques for safe and pleasurable anal sex. Then watch as three sexy couples with great chemistry explore this intimate activity and experiment with different toys, and positions.

Anal anatomy, hygiene, and lube.
Butt plugs, vibrators, anal beads, dildos, and prostate toys.
Strap-ons: how to choose one, how to use one.
Finger and toy penetration tips.
The best positions for prostate stimulation.

Discover how to combine anal pleasure with oral sex, have fantastic strap-on sex, and give your partner an anal orgasm. A revealing look at one of the sexiest, most intense ways for couples to take their sex lives to the next level.

Starring: Christian, Devin, Penny Flame, Annie Cruz, Tristan Taormino, Jandi Lin, Nomad
Director: Tristan Taormino
Studio: Vivid

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Featured Strap On Dildos

Penetrix Vibrating Latex Strap on

Penetrix Vibrating Latex Strap-on
Includes adjustable Harness, multi-speed vibrator. Made of high quality latex and is easily washable for years of pleasure. Strap it on and start fucking with the desirable Latex strap-on, it's 5 inch length and 4 inch circumference are more than enough to satisfy.

New Cummers Strap On Kit

New Cummers Strap On Kit
A harness for the timid with a perky silicone dong sure to fulfill your every fantasy! 4-way adjustable nylon straps fit up to 60 inch hips. The slender dong is for the timid & the wild.

Feeldoe Strapless strap on

Feeldoe Strapless Strapon
Harnessless Silicone Strap-On Made with medical Grade, platinum silicone. Variable speed vibrator uses 3 watch batteries. Hypoallergenic, easy to clean, safe to use. Feeldoe 1.5 x 7inches, Bulb 1.375 x 3.5 inches.

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Bend Over Boyfriend

Bend Over Boyfriend is the breakthrough video by sex educator Carol Queen. Produced in 1998, it's the ultimate "how to" guide and erotic film. It's become a bestseller since it's release and is regularly recommended by adult stores and sex therapists.

This movie proves that reversing sex roles in the bedroom can be a positive and fun experience. Guys learn to enjoy anal pleasure and prostate stimulation while girls can get off by strapping it on.

Nina Hartley's Guide to Strap-On Sex
Whether a man or woman, Nina Hartley knows that a good strap-on is a sure way to please a hot hole! Packed with enticing footage of lots of tips and tricks, let Nina and her friends lead you on an erotic journey into the world of strap-on sex!

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Pegging 101
Black Widow Productions brings you this penetrating study in hardcore anal sex where straight men discover ultimate sexual fulfillment being fucked in the ass by gorgeous females giving it to them with huge, strap-on cocks. The term for this new, sexual thrill is "pegging" and straight men willing to go to the outer limits of sexual response can't stop doing it or getting enough of it!

Strictly Strapon
They might not be the girls of your dreams but they are willing to strap one on for you and give you what you really need… and deep hard stuffing of your tight white butt! For the next 16 hours get your tale pipe slammed and jammed with plastic cock strapped on to beautiful women!

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